4. What Users of Pinhole Glasses are Saying

Feedback from some of the users of the pinhole glasses.

"I am visiting my sister in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and she introduced me to the amazing Pinhole Glasses. They are wonderful and I can't wait to get a pair for myself, I live in Chattanooga Sincerely yours."

Mrs. Helen Rankin, 4416 Drummond Dr, Chattanooga, Tenn 37411, USA

I have some slight double vision. My vision has greatly improved over the few short weeks that I've been using the glasses. I'm hoping for continued improvement as I continue wearing them. I'm buying a pair for my husband who is having trouble with reading. Thanks for a great product.

CD, Elkridge, MD, U.S.A

"I really do not know what to say about Pinhole Glasses. They are great. I can even read with my right eye which has been of no use to me for reading since I was a child. They are fantastic." Thank You

Mrs. Robert Majors, Box 473, Cairo, Georgia, 31728, USA

My vision has dramatically improved because of the pinhole readers ... I no longer have to wear glasses.

Mark Alderman



Styles of Pinholes Available and Pricing

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